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Gold Quartzite & Sandstone Machined Block


Slate has been used as a building stone for centuries. Its laminar nature makes it easy to shape and work, rendering it a popular choice for roofing and walling. The formation of slate within the Earth's crust started more than 500 million years ago. A fine-grained, metamorphic rock, slate is formed through a sedimentary process, stacking clay, volcanic ash and other elements to create a shale-type, foliated stone. Slate typically offers two lines of breakability, a cleavage and a grain line, making it easily possible to split the stone into thin, durable sheets for use as roofing material, building stone and Monolith feature stones.  Combining slate with other materials emphasises the qualities and attractiveness of both.  

Slate Building Stone

 Slate Builders

We also stock Liscannor Stone from the Cliffs of Moher region in Co. Clare. This material is dark in colour and provides excellent material for facades and flooring. Liscannor paving contains fossil imprints on the stone surface, which give this material a very unique appearance.


Slate Mulch


Why not use slate mulch in your flower beds as it is a change from the tradition chippings that you find in most gardens.  It gives a distinct and unique look that complements modak paving beautifully, as it shows in this image.  We supply slate mulch in tonne bags or loose by lorry load.




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