Special Offers



McMonagle Stone have a fantastic range of special offers, providing genuine savings and great value for money. Our specially selected walling, angular rockery and monoliths are discounted for a limited time frame so be sure to order early to avoid disappointment. To recieve a quote, simply call our sales team on +353 (0)74 9735061 or email info@mcmonaglestone.ie



Machined Gold Quartzite Walling

Why not add value to your home with natural stone. Our Machined Donegal Quartzite Walling is one of the oldest and hardest rocks found, ideal for house facades or boundary walls.

Unit of Sale: Cage

Sizes: Random (6.5 -7sqm Average Coverage) 40 -70mm Thick





Rugged Quartzite Walling 

Quartzite garden walling is available in gold and silver and is supplied in cages. This material is carefully selected for small areas of stonework. The main advantage of this material is that it does not require much work prior to building. As the product is small it can usually be built quite easily and fixed into position with minimal working of the stone.

Unit of Sale: Cage 

Sizes: Random Sizes 

Thickness: 40mm - 90mm Standard (Modification upon request)

Weight: 1080kg


Donegal Silver Quartzite Rockery

Transform your garden with Donegal Silver Quartzite Rockery. Its blend of colour tones makes it distinct from all other natural stone and makes this stone very attractive for garden landscapes.

Unit of Sale: Cage

Sizes: Random Sizes (200mm – 450mm Diameter)

No. of Pieces: Approx. 70 – 75 pieces 




Mountcharles Sandstone Rockery

Mountcharles Sandstone is a very popular stone, its colour varies due to the geographical location from where it originates. Our golden brown rockery pieces will blend into almost any surrounding area.

Unit of Sale: Cage  

Sizes: Random Sizes: (200mm - 450mm Diameter)

No. of Pieces: Approx. 70 - 75 pieces




Sperrin Glacier Boulder Mix                                        

All the way from the beautiful Sperrin mountains of Northern Ireland, our Sperrin Glacier Boulder mix will add unique value to your Garden.

Unit of Sale: Cage

Sizes: Random Sizes (Approx. 100 - 300 Diameter)





Sandstone Monoliths 

Monoliths add the finishing touches to a garden. Our Sandstone Monoliths come in various shapes and sizes and can be used as either a feature stone or a water feature.

Unit of Sale: Feet