Granite Stone

Granite is one of the oldest, most durable and most respected of building materials. Traditionally, it is the material chosen by both architects and engineers when permanence, enduring colour and texture combined with complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance.

At McMonagle Stone we supply a range of different Granite products including Donegal Granite building stone and a wide range of imported granite paving. The granite paving we have to offer comes in a selection of colours, finishes, sizes and depths to suit your needs.

Architectural GraniteArchitectural Granite - Window surrounds

At McMonagle Stone we are capable of producing and restoring buildings of the most complex designs and completing these projects with the highest of standards.  We create a wide range of bespoke cut granite products including cills, lintels, quoin stones, plinth, plaques, chimney capping, wall capping, entrance pillars, kerbing and steps out of either silver grey granite or brown granite.  We have found that these colours are the most popular colour choice as they complement almost all types of building stone.  For more information on our architecturally cut granite click here.



Granite Building StoneGranite Building Stone

Granite is an igneous rock, which has cooled slowly, allowing distinctive crystal patterns to form. These crystals are clearly visible to the naked eye. Most granite consists of three minerals, which can be easily distinguished, Quartz, Mica and Feldspar.

Our Donegal Granite has a wide variation in colours which can brighten up any garden!  For more information on building stone click here.



Granite Cladding

When building stone is not an option, cladding stone is an excellent alternative.  Cladding stone can give you the required look of natural stone, even if you don't have enough room to use building stone.

We stock a range of Granite Cladding.  For more information please click here.



Granite Paving & SettsGranite setts

We have a choice of silver grey or brown granite paving and setts.  We have recently added to our product range as there are new granite circles, which give you the choice of adding a focal feature to your garden!  For more information, images and availability of granite paving and setts click here.