Architectural Granite

Architectural granite is stocked in two main colours Brown and Sliver.  McMonagle Stone products will enhance and add value to any project, however large or small.  Experienced technicians and craftsmen can achieve any moulding or profile required to specification through the use of fully automated modern saws with AutoCAD facilities at McMonagle Stone.  It is confident to know that all Architects and Designers, who have worked with McMonagle Stone, know that their design and idea can become a reality.

The following are a list of some specialist stones that can be cut to order in granite:

  • Cill
  • Lintels
  • Quoins / Plinth
  • Plaques
  • Window Surrounds
  • Corbels
  • String Course moulded to specification                                       
  • Kerbing                                                                                                         
  • Steps



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