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Granite Pavingsilver granite paving

Granite paving and setts is a hard wearing stone with a sparkling glint when the sun shines.  Our range of brown and grey granite paving is sawn on all six sides with a textured surface which gives grip especially in wet weather.

Granite paving & setts are available in silver and brown with a selection of finishes. 

As granite comes in a vast range of colours, finishes and sizes many products are contract works; thus leaving it difficult to stock all different types of paving available.  Thats why we recommend to visit our head office to see what is available and what could be achieved.


granite paving

However we do stock 30mm & 50mm sawn Silver Granite paving with a flamed textured surface finish; along with 30mm & 50mm sawn Brown Granite paving with a bush hammered surface finish.

Both of these types of paving are available for delivery within 2-3 working days; and are ideally suited to streetscape projects as well as domestic applications.

Granite Paving and granite setts of any colour, finish or size can be sourced and provided within a reasonable time for your specific project. Please contact one of our specialist team members for more information.





Granite Setts

Silver granite settsOur Granite Setts are principally sourced from China.  Our standard Granite Setts are all sides split and therefore manufactured to wider tolerances than sawn materials; usually +/- 5mm on each side.

It is by utilising this variation in size and shapes that different patterns and bonds can be created.  These can also be used to create an edging to any paved area or as edging or in a driveway.

Colours available include the following: Silver, Dark Grey Brown and Pink Setts.

Granite Setts typical sizes 100mm x 100mm x 100mm (82pcs per sq.m), 200mm x 100mm x 100mm (41pcs per sq.m).  We also stock tumbled Setts suitable for garden edgings.

We can also provide setts, with 6 sides sawn and a surface treatment applied. This production method has the advantage of providing a safer and practical pedestrian friendly surface finish and a more accurate depth tolerance. The top surface finish can vary from a flamed surface to a rough bush hammered texture for heavily trafficked areas.


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  Silver Granite Brown Granite Dark Grey Granite
Granite Paving Sizes
300x300x30mm X X  
600x600x30mm X X  
300x600x50mm X X  

Project Pack

(10.8 m2)(3 sizes) 

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Tumbled Sett


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