Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of mineral calcite, the balance being made up by silica, flint, sand and clay.  The primary source of calcite is most commonly marine organisms.  Limestone is quarried from places, which millions of years ago, would have formed the floor of a shallow area of the sea.  Limestone is formed close to earth’s surface and captures fossilised plant and animal life.  Like marble and granite, quality limestone is used in a wide range of interior and exterior building applications.



limestone steps and wall cappingsArchitectural Limestone

We create and supply limestone architecturally cut in many different shapes and forms including Limestone Cills, Lintels, Wall Capping, Plaques and steps. No job is too big or too small.  Limestone is an extremely long lasting stone and is used in many commercial and residential buildings.  For more information architectural limestone click here.




Limestone Building Stone

WeGrey Limestone building stone have a beautiful range of limestone building stone.  The colours of the Limestone Building stone vary depending on where the limestone originates.  Using limestone building stone gives you the option of using a matching limestone window surrounds.  For more information on building stone click here.









Limestone Cladding StoneLimestone cladding

Limestone can vary in many different shades.  Depending on what work has been done with the limestone it can range from a dark blue black to a lighter colour of blue grey. There are many different textures and finishes available, such as bush hammered, honed and flamed.  The changes in finishes to the limestone give the limestone a variation in colour.  For more information on cladding stone click here.




Limestone Paving

Black Limestone PavingThere is a large range of Limestone with many different finishes giving each paving a different variation in colour.  Limestone paving gives a contemporary look to any project and compliments limestone building stone beautifully.  For more information on limestone paving click here.