Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that was once Sandstone. On coming into contact with deeply buried magmas, Sandstone converted into the much harder Quartzite. Although both rocks are similar in appearance, Quartzite has a distinctive grain running through it.
Donegal Quartzite is one of the oldest and hardest rocks found. Natural laminations cause this type of rock to be of various depths and widths - ideal for paving and building. Its unique, physical and decorative properties make it suitable for interior and exterior application. Its slightly gritty surface provides excellent grip for wet as well as dry conditions. Its blend of colour tones makes it distinct from all other natural stone.


Quartzite Building StoneQuartzite Building Stone

McMonagle Stone prides itself as the sole producer and exporter of the much acclaimed Donegal Quartzite. Nearby quarries in Glencolmcille possess the oldest and hardest, not to mention, most coveted material in Ireland.

Donegal Quartzite is one of our most popular walling stone and is available in either Silver or Gold. This material can be mixed in various proportions of the two colours to the customers own personal taste.  Read more here on Quartzite Building Stone.



Quartzite CladdingQuartzite Cladding

Donegal Quartzite Cladding gives you an alternative to the traditional building stone. 
It has a beautiful blend of gold and blue colours with a glistening effect, which gives an eye-catching appearance to your home. 
For more information on Donegal Quartzite cladding click here.





Quartzite Interior StoneworkQuartzite Interior stonework

Quartzite is extremely versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  It can be used in many different shapes and forms including building stone as a feature wall, Quartzite tiles or even Quartzite stone cladding.  Read more here on the use of Quartzite Natural Stone internally.





Quartzite Paving & SettsQuartzite Paving

Quartzite Paving & Setts are particularly popular, not only because of its rugged beauty and riven finish, but also because of its durability and excellent resistance to acid rain, frost, air-pollution as well as its suitability to heavy trafficked areas,

McMonagle Stone imports quite a number of stone products from around the Globe including Brazilian quartzite. The imported paving material blends very well with the Donegal Quartzite walling and can be used as an alternative material to Donegal Quartzite paving.  Read more here on Donegal Quartzite Paving.