Quartzite Interior Stone

Bring Natural Beauty Indoors…interior quartzite walling

The greatest development in the use of natural stone has been the acceptance of its versatility, durability and pleasing effect when used indoors.  The beauty of quartzite is the ability to use it both indoors and outdoors.  Our stone has been used both internally and externally giving an authentic and traditional ambience.





Gold Quartzite Building Stonebrowna and grey quartzite walling

Donegal Quartzite Machine Block is used as interior stone in the lobby of a large hotel in the Irish north west to give an authentic look, which is becoming an ever more popular look now as more and more people are deciding to use some stone walling indoors as well as outdoors. 





Internal Stone Flooringinternal stone flooring

The use of natural stone indoors has developed at McMonagle Stone from the supply of specially sawn floor tiling for kitchens and hallways to wet rooms and high traffic shopping and amenity areas.

Many features such as quartzite tiles or stone walling from McMonagle Stone are enhancing many newly constructed and refurbished homes in Ireland.





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