Quartzite Building Stone

Quartzite Building Stone

Donegal Quartzite is one of the oldest and hardest rocks found. Its blend of colour tones makes it distinct from all other natural stone and makes this stone very attractive for use on house facades or boundary walls.  Each piece of this stone has its own individual fingerprint, as mineral distribution varies slightly from place to place in the quarries and even in the individual slab.

There are primarily two colours of Donegal Quartzite building stone, gold and silver. Donegal Quartzite building stone can be purchased in two forms: random rubble or machine block. Random rubble is hand picked stone and is available in pallets or bulk loads (approximate coverage from 5-6 *Sq. M. per pallet and 50-65 Sq. M. per lorry load respectively).

The alternative is machine block. This material is machine split and is available in bags or pallets (approximate coverage of 3.5 Sq. M. per bag and 6-7 Sq. M. per pallet respectively).

*Sq. M. = Square Metre

Design Tip

Mix our brown Quartzite with our grey Quartzite to give a completely different appearance.  You can create a look to suit your own personal taste by deciding on the amount of each colour of Quartzite within your own individual design.





quartzite garden wallingQuartzite Garden Walling

Quartzite garden walling is available in gold and silver and is supplied in cages.   This material is carefully selected for small areas of stonework. The main advantage of this material is that it does not require much work prior to building.  As the product is small it can usually be built quite easily and fixed into position with minimal working of the stone.



Garden Walling packaging - cages

This material is the same stone as the random rubble walling, its just smaller pieces which are selected and graded to provide small stone for low level walls. There is approximately 4 - 5sq.m in each cage.

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