Quartzite Paving & Setts

We stock a wide range of Quartzite paving products.  They include Donegal Quartzite Tiles (Both suitable for use indoors and outdoors), Donegal Quartzite Setts and Donegal Quartzite Stepping Stones.  Quartzite is an excellent choice when picking a natural stone paving or tile as it has excellent grip and does not loose its natural colour.  Donegal Quartzite Setts are extremely durable and exceptional for use in driveways or any heavy traffic areas.

Quartzite Pavingquartzite paving

We supply our Donegal Quartzite tiles to both the Irish and International market. Quartzite tiles can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Quartzite tiles are hard wearing therefore ideal for kitchens, hallways and bathrooms. The colours of Donegal Quartzite gives a warm feeling to any home.  Donegal Quartzite Sawn Paving has a wide variation of colours, varying from warm golden browns to cool blue grey tones.  Our Quartzite Sawn Paving has a natural riven finish.

Options Available

  • Heavy Crazy paving, 25 - 40mm (25m2 per pallet)
  • Light Crazy paving, 15 - 25mm (35m2 per pallet)
  • Sawn paving, 8 - 15mm, 15 - 30mm & 30 - 50mm ( x fixed widths x random lengths).
  • Celtic Square, 3m x 3m with an option to create an alternative to your choice
  • Setts, 200 x 100 x 40 - 70mm and 100 x 200 x 40 - 70mm
  • Rio Quartzite Sawn Paving, 20 - 35mm x fixed widths x random lengths
  • Rio Quartzite Paving, Hand-cut edges, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm & 600 x 600mm


Design Tip

Extend you Celtic Square by simply adding Donegal Quartzite paving to your patio.


Crazy Pavingcrazy paving

Donegal Quartzite Crazy Paving is perfect for use when creating pathways with a difference.  Crazy paving is made up of random sizes with a wide variation of colours, which means that Donegal Quartzite Crazy Paving is capable of enhancing any garden or patio area.  This material is hand split and carefully selected in various sizes between 15 - 35mm and 35 - 40mm in thickness.






Celtic Squareceltic square

The Celtic  Square is made up of Donegal Quartzite Sawn Paving with a riven surface and Irish Blue Limestone with a flamed finish.  It is generally 3m x 3m in size, but can be tailored to each individual project.  A Celtic Square gives an ideal focal point to any garden, as these two stones complement each other beautifully.




Quartzite Setts

Donegal Quartzite Setts are a hard wearing and low maintenance natural stone, suitable for driveways, patios and garden paths.  Quartzite setts have a natural riven surface with split or sawn edges.

Quartzite Stepping-Stones are perfect for linking paved ares, where there may not be enough room for pavement.  The beautiful blend of colour tones make it distinct from all other natural stone.  Stepping-Stones are approximately 0.5m in diameter.


Design Tip

When laying Stepping-Stones across a lawn, the top surface should be kept below turf level to ensure easy mowing.


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