As the largest producer of dimensional stone in Ireland, we have a wide portfolio of sandstones and limestones from locations across Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland and China.  Using our own experienced production teams the stone is quarried and processed for many applications including bespoke handset masonry projects, a range of standard architectural masonry components and walling, cladding, and interiors.  Sandstone, just like sand, may be any colour; the most common colours are brown, grey, pink and blue.

Sandstone is one of the most popular stone that we provide. Building stone, paving, architectural, garden furniture are just some of sandstones many uses.


Architectural SandstoneArchitectural Sandstone

At McMonagle Stone we are capable of producing stone of the most complex designs.   

Sandstone is very easy to work with, therefore we mainly use sandstone for our architectural work in creating window and door surrounds, cills, lintels, quoins, pillars, capping etc.  The sandstone we use for our architectural work is a beige/cream colour which blends in with almost any other stone.  For more information on architectural sandstone click here.



Sandstone Building Stone

We have a wide range of colours to choose from when it comes to building stone such as Brown, Blue/Grey, Blue Centre, Grey and Pink sandstone.  As there is a wide range of sandstone building stone available, it gives you the option of mixing the various sandstones to get your own unique look for your home.  For more information on Donegal sandstone building stone click here.



Sandstone Cladding

At McMonagle Stone we have a variety of options for cladding.  Sandstone cladding is an excellent alternative to sandstone building stone when you do not have the option of using building stone.  For more information and images of sandstone cladding click here.




Internal Sandstone Stonework

Sandstone is an excellent choice to use when bringing stone inside your home.  It can be used in many different ways.  As this picture shows, it can be used as a feature wall in a room.  We also have a range sandstone tiles suitable for interior or exterior use. 






Sandstone Paving & SettsMountcharles Sandstone paving

We provide stone from quarries all over the world, including Asia and Europe as well as an extensive range of different stones.  The sandstone paving we provide is largely imported from India.
Sandstone is a very popular paving material, we have a vast selection of sandstone paving in a wide range of colours.  We stock Tinted Mint, Modak, Revina, Raj Green, Grey, Desert Buff sandstone and many more.

For more information on sandstone paving & setts click here.