Decorative Chippings

We have a wide variety of decorative chippings for all your hard landscaping needs.  We have a huge range of colours and sizes you can choose from.  Our Range of chippings include the following:


Donegal quartzite gold chippingsDonegal Quartzite Gold Chippings

Manufactured from our own quarries, our golden Quartzite gravel comes from our quarry in the west coast of Donegal. Our gold Quartzite chippings are available in 3 sizes - 10mm, 14mm and 20mm. Donegal Quartzite chippings are perfect for driveways. We recommend using our 14mm chippings on driveways, as it is easy to walk on.




Rose ChippingsRose Quartzite chippings

Rose Chippings are a beautiful mixture of a pink and grey colour.  Our Rose chipping is a Quartzite stone.  They are available in 14mm and 20mm. We sell our rose chippings per tonne bag or loose by lorry load.





scottish beach pebblesScottish Beach Pebbles

Scottish Beach Pebbles are a large pebble or cobble.  This stone is a popular choice for use on and around flower beds or being used along with other rockery and monoliths.  It can be used as an alternative to the usual chipping.





Plum slate mulchPlum Slate Mulch

Our Plum Slate Mulch is a beautiful Irish Pebble. This stone is a popular choice for use on and around flower beds or being used along with other rockery and monoliths.





Blue Pebble chippingsBlue Pebbles

Blue Pebble is a beautiful Irish pebble that originates from the east coast of Ireland.  This stone is available in one size approximate 20mm.  We supply Blue Pebble in tonne bags or loose by lorry load.  This stone is a popular choice for use on flower beds. 





Brown Shingle vhippingsBrown Shingle

Brown Shingle is a new, imported chip that we stock.  Since we started to stock Brown Shingle this year, it has become very popular as its golden colour is much darker that our gold Quartzite.  It is excellent for use on flower beds, as its dark gold colour is great for contrasting with the greenery in your garden.








Images of the Decorative Gravel are enlarged and suited for web purpose to give the indication of the colour and style.  The images does not indicate the actural size of the Decorative Gravel.  Customers may also be advised that Decorative Gravel are a natural product source, in which case colour and size can not be guaranteed.  It is essential that you check out the product in store prior to ordering to ensure you are satisfied with size and colour.