Stone Steps

At McMonagle Stone we have a great selection of natural stone steps.  We create steps in Sandstone, Silver Granite, Gold Granite and Limestone.  We also have various different finishes for each type of stone.

When deciding on the steps best suited to you and your garden, there are many options available to you.  Our stone steps come in all shapes and sizes.  You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the finished product you receive.

We create bespoke steps to suit your needs and requirements.  We can create the exact steps you require.  If you supply us with precise dimensions, we will design a step to fit your front door in whichever type of stone you wish to use. 




Design Tip

Create different levels in your garden using steps.  Steps give your garden another dimension and are a perfect way of bringing two areas together.

Quartzite Stepping stones

Quartzite stepping stones and setts

Quartzite Stepping Stones are perfect for giving your garden that unique feature.   Quartzite has a riven surface.  The blend of colour tones makes it distinct from other natural stone.






Mountcharles Sandstone Stepping Stones

The consistent warm sandy buff tones look stunning in any environment whether traditional or modern.






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