Vulcaseal - Natural Stone Sealer

Vulcaseal - Natural Stone Sealer


All natural stone is porous, which means it has unified capillaries through which liquids and gases can move. Porous materials acts like a hard sponge and actually suck in liquids over time, along with any dissolved salts and other minerals.

More porous stone, such as sandstone will absorb liquids considerably quicker than denser stones such as granite, which are less porous and may take an hour or so to absorb oils and water-based liquids. The life span of stone can be extended if it is effectively sealed against the ingress of damaging liquids and minerals such as salts.

We have many different types of sealer to choose from, depending on the type of stone and the finish required. Why not speak to one of our experienced staff to advise you on what natural stone sealer is right for your type of stone, they would be delighted to assist you.

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