Water Features

Water feature created from quartzite stoneWe have a wide range of options for you when deciding on the water feature you want to create.
We have various types of stone rockery to choose from, they include the following:

  • Sandstone Rockery
  • Limestone Rockery
  • Weathered Limestone Rockery
  • Quartzite Rockery Quartzite Rockery


There is also the option of using our garden walling to build a water feature, fountain or pond.  We also create accessories for water features; i.e. Sandstone Mill Wheels as in image above.


Weathered LimestoneWeathered Limestone

Our Weathered Limestone originates from the west coast of Ireland.  It has a distinctive look with its deep channels and shallow pans, where it gathers soil.  Often in these shallows, plants and grasses grow, a beautiful feature to any garden.